CleanPage extracts the main content of a webpage
with all the extraneous information removed.

CleanPage text to speech web kindle screen reader speed reading, zoomtext textaloud readplease jaws zoom text aloud speed read please for low vision, visual impairment, dyslexia, blind, assistive technology.

What's New

Text to speech web kindle screen reader speed reading zoomtext readplease textaloud jaws zoom aloud read please low vision visual impairment dyslexia blind assistive technology.


CleanPage™ strips all advertisements and other junk from a webpage, and extracts the main text-based content:
  • This main body text is then fitted on the screen, spoken aloud, imported for speed reading or for editing, emailed, and printed
  • All the features can be easily accessed by one click on the toolbar or through a keyboard shortcut


MyFiles™ web service collaborates with CleanPage™ to manage your uncluttered web content:
  • One-click save of the uncluttered web content
  • Text-to-speech service on your PDA or PC
  • Easy management of information through PDA or PC
  • Access to your saved and uncluttered Web content anytime anywhere
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