CleanPage Feature Summary

CleanPage strips all advertisements and other junk from a webpage, and extracts the main text-based content:

  • This main body text is then fit on the screen, spoken aloud, emailed, printed, imported into the Readonweb speed reading program, exported to Microsoft Word for editing, and saved online.

  • All the features can be easily accessed through a keyboard shortcut or by a click on the toolbar.

CleanPage has two components: the CleanPage command button and the Readonweb Toolbar . While the CleanPage command button fits the cleaned webpage on the screen, the Readonweb Toolbar provides access to all functions.

By clicking the command button and the Toolbar buttons, or pressing keyboard shortcuts, you can obtain the following CleanPage features:

BrowseBrowse the main text of a webpage. You can choose to browse in a new window or in the same window.
Text-to-SpeechLet the computer read the main text of the webpage out loud for you.
Speed ReadingUse the main text of a webpage as a resource to practice and improve your reading skills.
Save to MyFilesSave the main text of a webpage to MyFiles.
PrintPrint the main text of a webpage. You can specify your favorite text font and size.
EditEdit the main text of a webpage using Microsoft Word.
EmailEmail the main text of a webpage.

In addition to the content extracting function, CleanPage allows to have only the selected text transferred to the application windows. This can be done by holding down the Shift key before clicking the toolbar buttons or pressing the keyboard shortcuts.

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