CleanPage Email Feature

   Email the main text of a webpage. The email content contains the original link to the webpage followed by the main text found on the webpage.

The first time you use CleanPage email feature on your system, you need to specify the "From" address and the "To" addresses. However, the settings will be remembered once you make any changes; CleanPage will automatically fill in these settings for you. The email subject and content will be automatically filled in according to the original webpage. You only need to click on "Send".

Email Address Book
CleanPage uses the Microsoft Outlook address book and the Windows Address Book to manage Email addresses. If Outlook is installed on your Windows PC, CleanPage will automatically use the Outlook address book. Otherwise, CleanPage will use the Windows Address Book, which is installed by default on all Windows systems.

Advanced Settings...
For most of CleanPage users, there is no need to change the advanced settings of the email feature. CleanPage will by default use the Readonweb email server to send out your messages.

However, Readonweb provides an interface for you to change the default settings of the email feature. You can specified a different outgoing mail server other than the Readonweb email server. The "Advanced Settings" interface provides the following options for sending your email:

1. Use my Readonweb account

This is the default mode to send your messages. It's also the most convenient and fastest way to send email. You use your Readonweb account, which is the same account as your Readonweb Forum account, to send email messages.

2. Use my GMail account (your firewall must allow port# 465)

CleanPage provides an integrated method for using the email feature through your GMail account. Email messages will be sent by your GMail account. If you are behind a firewall, it needs to allow Internet access through port #465.

3. Use my PC as a simulated email server (restrictions may apply)

NOTE: In our best effort to stop email spam, this option has been removed from the latest versions of CleanPage.

4. ~ enter a new server ~

You can specify a new server by choosing this option. After you specify your own server settings, the new email server will show up below the "~ enter a new server ~" option in the pull-down menu. You can choose your newly specified email server to be your default outgoing mail server.

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