Text-to-Speech Feature

   Let the computer read out loud the main text on the webpage.

After you click the Text-to-Speech button, Readonweb extracts and reads out loud the main text on the webpage for you. A separate program named ReadonwebTTS will appear.

ReadonwebTTS program interface window

Readonweb highlights each word being read out loud. You can watch the highlight move while your computer reads the text.

By minimizing the ReadonwebTTS window, you can let the PC read in the background. When you browse to a new webpage and want your PC to read the new text, simply click on the Text-to-Speech button. Readonweb will stop reading the previous text and start to read the new text.

Within the ReadonwebTTS window, you can stop the PC reading out and select the text block of your interest:
  • Click the read button will have the PC to resume reading from the selected text block.
  • Click the "speak only the select text" button will have the PC to read out all the text in the selected block only. This button is located right to the Stop button.

How to pause/resume reading

If the ReadonwebTTS program is in the background, click on the drop-down arrow next to the (Text-to-Speech) button, then click on "Pause" or "Resume".

If the ReadonwebTTS program is in the foreground, click on the (pause) or (resume) button inside the ReadonwebTTS window.

Available voice types

CleanPage currently uses the Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engine, which is free licensed to end users. CleanPage automatically finds all of the available voice types installed on your system. You can change the voice type by click on the dropdown field labeled "voice" in the ReadonwebTTS window.

If your PC can't open the Readonweb Text-to-Speech window, you need to download and install the Microsoft TTS Engine..

When your PC is running Windows 2000 or XP, If the Readonweb Text-to-Speech window only shows Microsoft Sam as the available voice type, you can download and install the free Microsoft Mike and Mary voice types. Microsoft Mike and Mary voice types provide better voice quality than Microsoft Sam.

Note: The Text-to-Speech feature is included in the CleanPage TTS Subscription and in the CleanPage Premium Subscription.

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